Now a young adult in London, director Chloe Abrahams turns an inquisitive eye to the disquieting gaps in her family history. Tracing back to the bonds enacted by the fruit mango that her mother ate while bearing Abrahams, and similarly, her grandmother when expecting the mum, the filmmaker delineates both strong emotional ties evoked by candid snapshots of familial interactions and the unresolved tensions that hark back at a violent past shelved away from the present.

Through an eclectic lens that shifts between Agnes Varda-inspired camcorder aesthetics, experimental footage and performative acts, the film is ultimately a thesis on collective healing by locating a common ground for compassionate speaking and reception.


Director: Chloe Abrahams
Premiere Status: Southeast Asia Premiere
Runtime: 75 minutes
Language: English
Rating (with advisory): PG13



About the Director

A Sri Lankan British artist and filmmaker working with the moving image and its adjacent mediums, Chloe ABRAHAMS is known for her delicate surfacing of narratives rendered muted in her personal history. The Taste of Mango is Abrahams’ debut feature and was named the #1 film at the True/False Film Festival 2023 by Sight & Sound.

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