Unveiling Our Journey:

A Story of Passion, Inspiration, and Creativity

Our unwavering dedication to amplifying diverse narratives and nurturing an open dialogue creates an enriching experience that ignites a collective movement towards emotional well-being and support.

About the Charity

The Mental Health Film Festival Singapore (MHFFS) serves as a transformative force within Singapore’s mental health ecosystem, championing awareness, education, and advocacy through innovative film-based initiatives. At its core, MHFFS’ overarching cause is to destigmatize mental health issues and promote dialogue across all tiers of mental health support outlined in the National Mental Health Strategy. By utilizing the power of film, MHFFS catalyzes conversations, fosters empathy, and drives positive change in perceptions and behaviors related to mental health.

Drilling down into specific buckets of impact, MHFFS’ Short Film Youth Competition stands out as a pivotal engagement tool. This initiative empowers young filmmakers to explore and express mental health themes creatively, cultivating a generation of advocates and change agents. Through the competition, MHFFS encourages early detection and intervention by promoting mental health literacy among youth, who play a crucial role in reshaping societal attitudes towards mental well-being. We will also be curating a youth leadership program under this umbrella to further help the youths that engage with us grow in social capital, which they might otherwise have the opportunities to.

Furthermore, MHFFS extends its impact through Community and Corporate outreaches, forging partnerships that amplify mental health awareness and support. By engaging with schools, workplaces, and community organizations, MHFFS extends its reach beyond the festival, integrating mental health education into diverse settings and fostering a culture of openness and support. These outreaches promote preventive measures and early intervention strategies, aligning with the National Mental Health Strategy’s goals of promoting mental well-being from a grassroots level.

Finally, the MHFFS Main Film Festival serves as a flagship event, bringing together stakeholders and the public to engage deeply with mental health issues. By curating impactful films that resonate with diverse audiences, MHFFS sparks conversations, challenges perceptions, and advocates for inclusive and comprehensive mental health care. Through these initiatives, MHFFS reinforces its commitment to advancing mental health advocacy and creating a more empathetic and supportive community for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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Through the engagement of different agencies focussed on different aspects of mental health, participants get an up close and personal educational experience with experts and agencies. This will also be supplemented by panel discussions following each film that allow audiences to engage in an active discussion with field professionals, caregivers, and persons-in-recovery.

MHFFS Vision is to provide an inclusive and safe platform for stories about recovery and resilience.

The Festival’s Mission is to use film as a catalyst to advocate and promote conversations about mental health.

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