Following the tragic loss of her two children, legendary dancer Isadora Duncan created a poignant farewell solo, ‘The Mother,’ offering solace and expression. A century later, Isadora’s Children unveils the enduring impact of this heartrending dance, connecting four women through time and revealing the enduring, profound impact of art.

Director Damien Manivel artfully explores the body as a canvas for grief’s complexity, showcasing how Isadora’s dance serves as a powerful tool for emotional navigation and connection with others who share her sorrow. Isadora’s Children beautifully illustrates that even in our darkest hours, healing and human connection can emerge through the language of the body, offering a deeply moving portrayal of the universal human experience.


Director: Damien Manivel
Premiere Status: No Premiere
Runtime: 84 minutes
Language: French (with English subtitles)
Rating: PG


Agathe Bonitzer
Manon Carpentier
Junlien Dieudonné
arika Rizzi
Elsa Wolliaston


About the Director

Damien MANIVEL started his artistic career as a dancer before turning to cinema. He gained critical acclaim for award-winning shorts such as The Parc (2016), and The Lady With The Dog, winner of the Prix Jean Vigo. With Isadora’s Children, selected for Locarno’s International Competition, Damien Manivel delivers his first film about dance.

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