I don’t know how long I can last

I first started having thoughts of depression when I was 13. I might be young, too young to even have it, but the dark thoughts that haunt me everyday are really real and exist even up till today. I want to seek professional help, but my parents would never accept me for having depression and social anxiety. I’ve tried talking to them about mental health issues, but they always label people with them as “simply not having enough strength to overcome challenges”.

My Mom especially is always degrading me, she keeps telling me that my results aren’t actually that good, never making an effort to understand my point of view and she always scolds, scolds and scolds me. She is the main reason why the black dog of depression started following me. I feel better whenever I watch videos that I like, being with people I love etc. because that’s the only way I feel better, without professional help.

There are days when I feel that everything’s gonna be okay, but I don’t know how long I can last until I reach my breaking point.

To everyone who’s suffering, please stay strong!

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