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The people behind the magic!

Welcome to the Mental Health Film Festival Singapore, a compassionate community where dedicated volunteers form the backbone of our initiative. We are very appreciative of our volunteers who take precious time off to help build safe spaces for conversations on Mental Health. 

In this page, we highlight volunteers who have stuck with us for a year and beyond!

Volunteer Aaron and his mother

Hello, I’m Aaron, an academic and researcher at Republic Polytechnic. 

In addition to my work, I’m actively involved in music production, filmmaking, and mental health advocacy. I also dedicate time to volunteer with the Mental Health Film Festival Singapore. Short films play a crucial role in spreading mental health literacy to the wider community. This is a perspective shared by both myself and my mother, Dianne Chen.

Photography volunteer, Donny Chamb



The team is just so passionate and vibrant, I keep wanting to come back! – Donny Chamb, volunteer photographer

Volunteer Dayan at the Mental Health Roashow

As someone with their own struggles and a love for storytelling, I chose to volunteer for MHFFS as a way to show my appreciation of the help received in my journey to recovery. Through this, I hope to help raise awareness about the importance of mental health. – Dayan 

Mithun, a volunteer at the Mental Health Roadshow

I choose to volunteer with Mental Health Film Festival as a way to give back to the community and to help advocate the stigma around mental health and to outreach this to more youths – Mithun Vendra aka. one of the ‘boiz’

Zhang Heran, a photography volunteer.

I chose to volunteer because I used to suffer from over stress resulting in depression, but I didn’t know how to deal with it. Volunteering gives me a chance to expose youths to self help platforms so that they did not have to go through what I did. – Zhang Heran aka. one of the ‘boiz’

Volunteer Anirudh Dalmia aas Emcee

So much of what we experience of the world and consequently contribute in our little way to the experience everyone else is having is a product of how our mind processes a perennial inflow of stimuli. Perhaps, just maybe, it makes sense to then destigmatize conversations on the health of this stimuli processing unit? 

Oh and I happen to be one of billions who enjoy moving pictures. – Anirudh Dalmia 

Volunteer Jennie at Beach Outreach

Jennie is a seasoned HR professional having worked in Banking, Law, Tech & Government sectors in the UK, HK, UAE and SG.

Inspired to partner with the MHFFS having gone through her own mental health challenges and experiencing the benefit of seeking professional help as well as learning to be vulnerable and talking to others. – Jennie Yau

Volunteer Jaime

Jaime has been an integral part of our volunteer team since 2022. Initially, she joined us focusing on finance, drawing from her expertise in data analytics and finance. However, as she became increasingly involved on the frontline, Jaime developed a deep affection for both the team and the mission of MHFSS. 

Her dedication is unwavering, and she remains committed to expanding her volunteer contributions to raise awareness about mental health.

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