Suicide Prevention: Unveiling the Hidden Struggles of Youths

Filmgarde Cineplex, Leisure Park Kallang

5th November 2023 (Sun) | 4:20 PM

In this panel, experts and those with personal experiences discuss suicide prevention and the importance of destigmatizing mental health. They’ll address recognizing signs of distress and the essential role friends and family play in supporting at-risk youths.

This panel discussion will take place after the first screening of Next Sohee.

Only available for Feature Ticket holders.

Alex Yeo
Alex Yeo Moderator
Community Relations/Operations Manager, Caring for Life
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Panelist
Executive Director, Resilience Collective
Dr Jared
Dr Jared Panelist
Psychiatrist, Private Practice
June Tang
June Tang Panelist
Suicide Prevention Advocate, Caring for Life

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