Navigating the Digital Maze: Social Media, Youth Isolation, & the Transgender Experience

The Projector

Sunday, 12th November | 3:20pm

In this panel, we’ll discuss the intersections of social media, youth isolation, and transgender experiences. Highlighting the film’s focus on a transgender individual, we aim to address the widespread issue of loneliness. We’ll explore the shifting role of social media in today’s digital age and emphasize the importance of genuine human connections for mental resilience and a fulfilling life.

This panel discussion will take place after the screening of Break The Game.

Only available for Feature Ticket holders.

Javier Wong
Javier Wong Panelist
Host and Community Advocate
Elijah Tay
Elijah Tay Panelist
Community Organiser, @MyQueerStorySG
Dr Irene Tirtajana
Dr Irene Tirtajana Panelist
Head & Senior Consultant, Department of Psychiatry Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

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