Don’t stop trying

I suffered from insomnia and depression for the past 6 months when I was studying overseas. I remember being in emotional turmoil first, troubled by my own thoughts and worries that kept me from having a normal night’s sleep and would be ever-present in the day. Emotional distress slowly turned into numbness, and I slowly lost interest in daily activities and hobbies. Seeking a way out, I turned to self-reflection and tried to journal my thoughts, hoping to understand why I was going through all this and to come up with a plan for the future. Little did that do apart from making me ruminate more and feel more lost. For a few months, I was stuck in a loop of indecision, one day feeling like going down a certain path and the next day not feeling motivated by it at all. 


It took time, but feel better throughout the days now. There are still some moments where everything seems a bit too much, but I can now find things to look forward to every day. I’ve slowly gone back to old interests and picked up on new ones as well – and I’ve accepted and am ready to move on from the past


For anyone who’s struggling with similar issues: Have hope that it will get better. Reach out to close friends or people you trust, and try to get involved in the community. Make an effort to go outside to get some activity or fresh air. Don’t be afraid to seek help. You’re not alone, and the sooner we all acknowledge the reality of mental health, the better we’ll be able to face it together. Most importantly, don’t stop trying. 


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