I have been having anxiety since I was a child but I only realised what it was when I was older. I always thought I was just a child that was afraid of everything. If my mom came back 5 minutes late from work, I’d assume the worst. Growing up I had to be pretty independent. After getting into my first relationship and experiencing how it feels to be loved, I became dependent. So when it ended, I spiralled. My anxiety got worse and depression joined the party too. It took me a year before I went to the Institute of Mental Health to get myself the help I needed. With therapy and medication I was able to experience life like my ‘normal’ peers. I stopped therapy and medication once I was confident that I could handle life on my own.

I recently met someone and got into a relationship. This individual knows of my past and how my anxiety is still in my life. As a partner, one would expect or appreciate support. That however isn’t the case. With emotional bullying, I am once again face to face with my demons.

I just hope that people who get into relationships with individuals who have mental health issues try and exercise some sympathy. You might not understand how a small action might cause the other party pain. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way.