I’ve been really worried for her mental health

Ever since my grandfather passed away 3 years ago, my grandmother has found it very hard to adjust to her life without him. She’s 88 this year, lives alone and needs to get around in a wheelchair. You could say that she’s your typical old person; stuck in her ways and hard to please but aren’t we all a little bit like that too?

I’ve been really worried for her mental health lately, she seems to be filled with sadness and might even be depressed. What happens after you’ve given your entire life to raising your family but at the end of it you’re left alone because everyone’s “too busy”? Family dynamics aside, I find it hard to talk to my aunties and uncles about mental health because they have no idea what it is beyond labelling someone as “siao”. I don’t have the right vocabulary to explain it either, not all of them speak English.

I’m afraid that if they don’t address it soon, dementia might set it and my grandmother’s physical health will suffer too.