Are we commissioned to create the film?

Yes. Because each film has to focus on at least one of the five mental health/dementia topics, it should be created for the Competition.  Alongside the film creation, we hope that the reason behind their entry is geared towards bringing a greater sense of awareness towards the topic of mental health/ dementia.

Winning films for the 2021 competition will be awarded cash prizes as well as the chance to be screened overseas at another two other film festivals. But we hope that you can see that as an encouragement and token for your efforts because the larger goal of the festival is really to get people thinking and having conversations about mental health/dementia.

For more information about the competition visit:

For the workshops, must everyone in the team attend?

Yes, every participant from the Team is required to attend. However, due to the overwhelming entries this year, Teams with 5 and more members will be issued only TWO Zoom logins. Individuals and Teams with 4 and less members will be issued only ONE Zoom login. Hence, Teams would need to find a safe space(s) for members to use one/two devices to enter the workshops.