Join Mindfulness Coach & Meditation Guide – Helen Clare Rozario and fellow participants on a mindful eating journey. Together, we will share a meal and participants will be introduced to the importance of cultivating non-judgemental awareness, mindfulness-based tools and the practice of mindful eating. Nobel silence will also be observed for a duration of the session.

Participants will have the option to select the dessert of their choice on an external Google forms link, which will be provided upon purchasing tickets to this workshop. 

All desserts are plant-based with no dairy/no egg/no processed sugar, specially catered by Afterglow. Please refer to the list of ingredients below if you have any food allergies.

Option 1: Japanese Sweet Potato Tart
Wheat flour, sugar, vegan butter, almond flour, soymilk, Japanese sweet potato, coconut cream, cashew, cocoa butter.

Option 2: Seasonal Chocolate Opera Cake
Wheat flour, sugar, oil, soymilk, chocolate (70%), tofu, coconut cream, passionfruit puree, cashews, agar


Yoga mat, Shawl (To keep warm if necessary), Water


This workshop aims to provide practical tools to promote and support emotional and mental resilience through challenging times and as well as improve our relationship with food and eating.


Helen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Management. She went on to work in various dynamic industries including lifestyle, home and fashion, food and beverage, entertainment and events. When she discovered the beneficial support of meditation, her life began to transform.

Mindfulness & meditation helped Helen tremendously and it has been one of several vital steps in her journey of recovery from alcoholism, addiction and mental illness. She works a staunch program of recovery. She attributes recovery alongside adopting a mindful way of being to saving her life and it has simply provided her a life she never knew existed; allowing her to maintain a more manageable and peaceful way of living.

Through a life-changing incident about six years ago, clarity and inspiration dawned upon Helen and she realised that she needed to do something more purposeful and the idea of Nirvana Mind was born.

She is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (a.k.a MBSR) Teacher, training with University Of California San Diego’s Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness and serves as the Chief Mindfulness Officer at Nirvana Mind. Nirvana Mind aims to create a consciously thriving, action- orientated community. It is a Mindfulness-Based ecosystem dedicated to supporting and providing the community with practical science and evidence based offerings through programs, talks, workshops and retreats.

Helen has been in a relationship with her husband Arron for 17 years and is a mother to a 3 year old toddler named Sophie Clare. She wants to share the wholesome benefits of mindfulness & meditation, by making it achievable and accessible for everyone. Her primary purpose is to share her experience, strength and hope with others so that they may be guided to the tools and resources that can support them, especially those who are struggling and suffering.


To ensure your safety in light of the recent COVID-19 situation in Singapore, the physical screening for this film has been cancelled.

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