Acting Up

Acting Up is a social enterprise with a focus on multi-modal, creative arts interventions for emotionally vulnerable youth and the people involved in their care. Using the arts as a platform for therapeutic engagement, Acting Up serves as a preventive and rehabilitative support for the community

Our services and programmes include:

  • Multi-modal, creative arts therapy programmes for groups and individuals
  • Training for professionals
  • Targeted and custom made workshops
  • Short and long term preventive and rehabilitative programmes
  • Mentorship and employment opportunities for youth at risk

Rosie McGowan

Rosie comes from an extensive history of working with young people using drama and theatre to explore potentially difficult and sensitive youth-related themes and issues. She has a masters in applied theatre and a masters in counselling and often combines her knowledge of these two fields throughout her practice.

As a freelance applied theatre practitioner, facilitator and educator, Rosie has recently designed and conducted workshops about the impact of sexual assault on survivors. She has also designed projects in two Singapore halfway houses – the Community Rehabilitation Centre, and The Turning Point.

As a counsellor, Rosie specialises in addiction and trauma- working with various addictions, as well as family members of addicts and trauma survivors.

As a theatre practitioner, Rosie has acted in The Crucible (Toy Factory Productions); Mind Map of Love, sold-out runs of The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband and Ragnarok (Skinned Knee Productions); and dramaturg on Edith Podesta’s commissioned production, Leda and The Rage (The Esplanade).

Sattva Wellness Yoga

Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues) in Hindu and Samkhya philosophy. The word means purity and goodness in Sanskrit. It is also a mental state where the mind is at peace. Sattva is the virtue of of the business and service and it is our mission touch lives of others through a holistic experience of wellness through yoga, massage and aromatherapy.

Sattva Wellness Yoga is a Singapore based Yoga company that conducts yoga events, retreats, workshops and classes. We have a wide range of classes that suits your needs and budget. Our types of classes consist of private, small group, corporate, aromayoga massage and outdoor yoga.

Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel (b.1988) is a Singaporean poet, performer, and multiple TEDx speaker. As a poet she has featured at festivals like the Barcelona International Poetry Festival and the Makassar International Writers Festival and won slams in Singapore, Germany and Australia. Her solo work has gone to places like Berlin, London, New York City and Kathmandu, and s​he has toured alongside​ ​people​​ ​like​ ​Anthony Anaxagorou​ ​and Sarah Kay​.

Deborah’s first collection, When I Giggle In My Sleep, was published by Red Wheelbarrow Books in 2015. Her creative non-fiction work Rebel Rites, was self-published in 2016. Genesis: Visual Poetry Collection released in 2018. When not making poems, she creates music with Wobology, Mantravine, The Ditha Project, and Kiat, acts on stage and facilitates workshops. Her most recent work experiments with moving poetry into the physical body. She has just started making visual art as a new way to experience metaphor.

VERE 360

VERE.360 is a socially-driven VR/360 production house. VR provides an immersive experience for users to understand the circumstances of others. We leverage VR’s immersive qualities to develop Virtual Reality (VR)-assisted curriculum on social issues for social enterprises, schools and governmental institutions.


MindFi advocates a fresh and practical approach for busy people to learn mindfulness meditation. Use the app to practice during your daily routines and turn “down-time” into me-time. Reduce distractions and train your focus, distress and recharge yourself, improve your work and personal relationships. Be mindful anytime, anywhere with MindFi

Pink Gajah Theatre

Our theatre focuses on the unconventional. Hence our name – Pink Gajah – a play on the white elephant in the room. We enjoy putting up subjects on stage which are not often thought about by mass society.

Pink Gajah believes in the potency of theatre-making. At the theatre, people gather, stop, and soak in a show. For an hour or two, the audience is suspended in time as they bear witness to a performance. They may take home messages or lessons that change their lives forever, or maybe they wouldn’t. Either way, theatre is cathartic, healing and meditative.
At Pink Gajah, we hope to trigger thought and emotion in our audiences in order for them to think about deep issues and subjects.

A Pink Gajah work is always questioning, always questing. We are on a journey to examine the deeper emotional and intellectual issues insociety, and tell stories that move humanity at its core. The heart of our work is the social structure of a human being: the way we interact with society and the environment. Our priority is not to entertain you. Our priority is to resonate.