Morning Flow + Meditation

by The Breathe Movement

Our body stores information from the life experiences that we gather from birth to present. We utilise movement to feel different sensations that arise from engaging various parts of our body, and tune in to the thoughts and emotions that come along naturally. In the seated practice, we will slow our pace down as we bring gentle but firm focus to the inhale and exhale breathing patterns; objectively watch the thoughts, sensations, and emotions that may arise during the practice.

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Sew What?

by Rosie McGowan

Sew What explores our feelings and responses to who we are and what happens if that all goes a bit wrong sometimes. No sewing experience necessary!

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Primal: Breath

by Pink Gajah Theatre

A one hour workshop which focusses on your breath, mind and body connection.

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Mindfulness for Our Busy Digital Age

by MindFi

In this session led by Bjorn Lee, the founder of Asia's leading mindfulness app MindFi, learn why and how you can be mindful during daily activities such as eating, commuting or even working. Pick up practical exercises, as short as one breath, that you can apply instantly to your life.

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Unearthing Emotions, Harvesting Strength

by Acting Up

Experience an interplay of visual art, music, movement, drama and the written word as a platform to get in touch with emotions of the present moment. See how the multi-modal use of the arts "unearths" emotions into awareness, and "harvests" strength through artistic and dramatic explorations.

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Aroma Yoga

by Sattva Wellness Yoga

Aroma Yoga combines the essence of yoga and essential oil. It is an amazing practice that opens up a whole new experience for practitioners. Explore the power of therapeutic grade essential oil to deepen your practice and quiet your mind. Learn some fun, easy exercise and yoga postures that you can incorporate into your daily life. Experience Aroma Yoga to bring you into a deeper state of awareness and presence, transforming the yoga practice into a healing sanctuary.

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Virtual Experience Real Empathy

by VERE.360

"I just don't get it." In a world where people are bombarded with information and content, people have become increasingly desensitized to, apathetic towards, social issues such as mental illness.This failure to empathize with the experience of someone who struggles with mental health issues is the achilles heel of creating a better society for these struggling people. If we can't empathize with one another, how can we help one another? In this workshop we use Virtual Reality to facilitate the process of better understanding the experience of having a mental illness. In doing so we lay the foundation for developing empathy towards those with mental illness.

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Body Poetry for Healing

by Deborah Emmanuel

Body Poetry For Healing is a workshop for ages 14 and above. Participants learn to use the gifts of words and movement to express and acknowledge past situations which have left an imprint. The workshop culminates in a final sharing of movement without any text. Nothing is talked about, only emoted through physical display.

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