Meet Our Team

Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Humanities with a BA (Hons) in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Being a part of SMHFF, he hopes to curate compelling films that speak about urgent mental health issues and normalising difficult conversations surrounding it.

Alexander is also a writer and filmmaker. His interests include watching films and reading essays on cinema, leading him to participate in SGIFF’s Youth Jury and Critics Programme and the Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop. Coming from a filmmaking and film studies background, he enjoys discovering new voices in contemporary cinema.

Filzah Hanis Abdul

Filzah is passionate about eradicating social issues such as gender inequality, discrimination against human rights, and racism. With her heart on her sleeve and a smile, she strives for excellence to improve the lives of people around her. Being a caregiver and a person with lived experience, Filzah is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to SMHFF and help them reach their goals in fighting against the stigma of mental health.

She looks forward to further developing her skills in community outreach and marketing for social impact.

Nazreen Coupland

Through one’s art, we find their heart.
Nazreen believes that art drives connection and fuels empowerment. Nazreen is privileged to serve as the Broadcast Director and Resident
Deejay of NUS RadioPulze (2021-2022), as well as the Youth Leader of Caring for Life, a suicide prevention Non-Profit (2019-2022). She is also credited in a wide array of works, including being the Film Director for the annual Arts Showcase at the College of Alice and Peter Tan (2021), as well as several roles in short films and television dramas.
Art has the potential to inspire and effect change, and with her contributions, Nazreen hopes to do just that.

Board of Directors

Akash Mohapatra


Akash has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry and is currently a Managing Director and heads an APAC legal team at a leading German bank.

He is deeply engrained in community and social causes and in addition to his legal responsibilities, leads CSR at his organisation for Singapore.

Akash is also an ardent champion for mental health causes. He leads the Mental Health employee support group at the bank, is a Mental Health Aider trained in Suicide intervention LIFE training and works closely with a number of mental health initiatives in the community.

Akash enjoys the outdoors and recently completed a 10 days trek in the Himalayas.

Dr Jade Kua


Jade is a qualified professional coach and is also a Visiting Consultant in the Department of Emergency Medicine at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at both the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and YLLSoM at the National University of Singapore. She is also a Consultant for the Hospital Services Division at the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Kua is also a past President of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore) and is a champion for the DARE (Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder) Programme, which aims to help bystanders gain the knowledge and confidence to save lives by learning to dial 995, stay on the line with the medical dispatcher, perform CPR as directed, and use an AED with voice prompts.

Hayley Sharratt


Hayley has over 15 years’ experience in finance roles spanning the banking, social and private sector. Hayley was most recently Vice President at Deutsche Bank where she held various roles including Head of Strategic Engagement for the Corporate Services function.

Throughout her career, corporate responsibility has been a key focus in her work. She believes passionately about the role of business in social and environmental development. Over the past 10 years Hayley has focused her voluntary time to the area of mental health, she is on the Board of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival and Resilience Collective, and supports other mental health initiatives in Singapore.


Ali Demir

Ali is an SEO expert, specializing in content marketing. He aims to contribute at least 10,000 minutes a year of his services to nonprofits. A sensitive person to mental health issues, having undergone treatment for derealization/depersonalization in 2016, he strongly believes in supporting those who are going through battling times.

Other than being nerdy about the rankings of his and clients’ websites on search engines, Ali enjoys the outdoors, Japanese kitchen knives, cooking, and martial arts.

Eve Ong

Eve is delighted to be part of the team, getting to meet new people, gain more experience and most importantly volunteering for a great cause. I strongly believe by contributing, I can give something back that can have an impact on a person’s life, either directly or indirectly and hope to make a difference to the lives of others. Thus far, I’ve helped with excel related works and am happy to help if you have any data/ excel related queries!

Felicia Sim

Felicia is currently a penultimate student majoring in Business (Finance) and Global Asia at Singapore Management University. Apart from her academics, she was also heavily involved in SMU Toastmasters, a public speaking club, and had served as organiser of the National Speech Competition held across universities. More recently, she is also speaker manager for the upcoming SMUTEDx event where people are encouraged to share their life-changing stories. During her free time, Felicia engages passionately in her hobbies which are reading books, watching Netflix, yoga, and hiking. 

Having seen many of her peers (and herself) struggling through anxiety during university, Felicia wants to understand more about mental health and aims to break through the stigma of talking about mental health issues.

Heather Ang

Heather is currently a Conference Director at Worldwide Business Research and a part-time postgraduate student majoring in Philosophy, Science & Religion at the University of Edinburgh. As a producer of conferences, she serves as the researcher, copywriter and manager of events. She has years of experience engaging C-suite leaders, customers, team members and vendors and is highly adept at stakeholder management. She enjoys developing business strategies, engaging in business negotiations and developing new event products.
Heather has seen many peers struggle with mental health challenges and decided to volunteer with SMHFF to contribute to the course of breaking the mental health stigma in Singapore.

Naden Jamie

Jaime is currently an Associate, Lead Business Analyst at Deutsche Bank Singapore. She is passionate about data analytics, quantitative finance, and almost everything related to data. Other than being a data science enthusiast, she is a firm believer in giving back to society. She champions Environmental CSR projects in her workplace and loves to teach coding.

Jaime is also a mental health advocate and her desire to volunteer her time to the community had inspired her to take up a role as a Finance volunteer in SMHFF.

Natalie Koh

Natalie is a Public Relations Degree student at UOWMKDU University Malaysia. She is passionate in basketball, has a keen eye for fashion, and hopes to use her social media skills to amplify the festivals message to advocate for mental health.

Michelle Johannes

Michelle is currently a violin tutor at a music school. She has just graduated from college as a psychology major and is currently taking a gap year before going on to pursue her master of counseling. During this time, besides working, she feels that volunteering with SMHFF and advocating for something she is passionate about – mental health, would be a meaningful experience.

For fun, Michelle enjoys travelling, taking film photographs, performing on the violin, Netflix-ing and also reading!

Mithali Kothari

Mitali is currently a clinical youth support worker at the Institute of Mental Health and a research assistant with the International Attachment Network. She is extremely passionate about mental health, psychology, and all things human behaviour, exploring every opportunity to help others and learn new skills.

Apart from advocating for mental health, Mitali is an avid researcher, exploring topics such as the importance of supervision in therapy and the imposter syndrome phenomenon. She also pursues professional singing and enjoys exploring new places. 

Salve Angeluz

Salve Angeluz is a multi-hyphenated woman – she’s been through creatives, social media, events, logistics, outreach, entrepreneurship – and now, she is a volunteer giving back to causes that has not only helped her in her ongoing journey but also sustainably provided hope for fellow members of humanity.

She holds an InforMEA Diploma in International Environmental Law and Governance from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). She believes that our mental health and holistic well-being are linked to the state of the environment. How we treat the earth is eventually how our minds and bodies will respond accordingly. She also believes that how we move and respond within physical and digital environments has an impact on us as well – it’s all about circularity, it’s all about coexistence.

Outside of the “professional” space, she enjoys the art of slow living – practicing yoga and meditation; dedicating precious time with family, friends, and loved ones; watching Gilmore girls while drinking water (a reminder to stay hydrated!); and mapping out her next itinerary.

Sherryn Tham

Sherryn currently works as a Regional Brand Manager in Ferrero Asia Pacific. She is a passionate marketer and strategist with 8 years experience in brand and channel management in FMCG working on brand building & development campaigns for brands such as Physiogel, Magnum, Wall’s, Clear and most recently Ferrero Rocher. She believes in the fulfillment from Hard Work and Heart Work in every engagement she has.

Outside of work, she hopes to create meaningful social impact and conversations especially in the areas of mental health, brand marketing and female-empowerment causes.