11 Years After Diana

It has been 11 years since Diana passed away from a chronic illness that has crippled her family for more than a decade before she passed on. After 11 years, Diana’s daughter – X – revisits her journey of grief and loss through the lenses of people who she deemed were close to her mother when Diana was still alive.


A young social worker is eager to help her client, a young woman who recently lost her husband. On the morning of their first meeting, the widow finds out she’s pregnant.

Grief Booth

After losing his mother, Jing Xuan’s relationship with his father becomes strained as both of them deal with the loss separately. Through a virtual experience at the Grief Booth, Jing Xuan attempts to rekindle his relationship with his father to process the grief together.


A Suicide Hotline Worker struggles to cope with the death of a frequent caller.


49 days after her mother died, a girl is being haunted by a moth, who unknowingly brings more closure than fear.