Living with Bipolar Disorder

This panel will follow No Letting Go (Opening Film)

“Do you think they are bipolar?”

It is not unusual for us to hear people making casual connections between having a mental illness, and ‘extreme mood swings’. However, is there more to this?

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What is Young Onset Dementia?

This panel will follow Still Alice

It is commonly misunderstood that dementia only affects older individuals and young persons are immune to it. The symptoms of dementia are also often confused with those of depression and anxiety, and this had made detection even more challenging.

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Living with Schizophrenia

This panel will follow The Girl, the Mother and the Demons

Ask someone on the street and they are likely to associate schizophrenia with “split” personality or violence. Or perhaps ask yourself – how much do you know about this mental health disorder? More often than not, it is our limited knowledge on schizophrenia that contributes to the very stigma surrounding the illness.

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Young Caregivers for Persons with Dementia

This panel will follow Much Too Young

With dementia hitting individuals at a younger age where they are in the prime of their career and family, financial and emotional strains are often amplified. However, the strains faced by these young families are often overlooked.

Though specific to early onset dementia, this panel is also well applicable to individuals interested to understand about young caregivers in general.

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Youth Talks: Living with a Family Member with Mental Illness

This panel will follow No Letting Go (Second screening)

What happens behind closed doors? Among us, there are youths who grow up with family member(s) diagnosed with a mental illness. Some suffer silently, while many cope courageously.

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Living with Dementia

This panel will follow Still Mine

Did you know that one in 10 persons aged 60 years and above are diagnosed with dementia? This means that the likelihood of it happening to you and me, is high. This makes the issue even more relevant.

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Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

This panel will follow Mad World

It is often challenging for individuals to address their personal mental health concerns at the workplace, for fear of stigmatisation which may lead to missed opportunities for promotion and/or being dismissed. These concerns may include caregiving duties to a person with mental illness or the emotional strains resulting from having to juggle work, family and other responsibilities.

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Mental Health Care at Home

This panel will follow Shuttle Life

Social inequality is real in Singapore. Individuals from the lowest of the social strata often face a multitude of stressor and are marginalised because of their disadvantaged position. This is especially so for those with, or are caring for someone with mental illness - where their lack of financial resources and knowledge of the illness hinders them from seeking timely treatment. This can land them in stressful situations which can be frustrating for both themselves and others. Furthermore, the stressors faced by low-income families are often amplified through the lack of empathy regarding their circumstances - which arguably has its roots in a divided society.

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