About #MyMentalCare

#MyMentalCare Podcast is a series of conversations with everyday individuals about their mental health journeys. In sharing their personal stories, we hope that you will find safe spaces within yourself and your community, to both celebrate the ups and appreciate the downs in your road to a better mental health.

#MyMentalCare is an initiative by the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival.

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For our very last episode in this COVID-19 special series, we are joined by Cheryl Tan, the Executive Director of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival. She shares with us what running the Festival was like during a pandemic, as well as her personal journey of mental health, resilience, and recovery through 2020.

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The Singapore Mental Health Film was started to facilitate an open discussion about mental health and encourage people to take care of our mental health, and also of our loved ones. Our goal is to provide an inclusive and safe platform for stories about recovery and resilience by using film as a catalyst to advocate and promote conversations about mental health.

Our flagship program is the film festival where, through a series of films and panel discussions, we provide a platform for adults to learn about mental health. We believe that only through managing our emotions and discomfort when talking about mental health can we take meaningful steps to support the mental health of our children and youths.

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