COVID-19 And Navigating The Demands Of Change

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“Change is the only constant” – we all know that. However, 2020 has shown us a pace of change like never before. One that forces individuals and families to constantly adapt to the ever-evolving demands of work and family life. At its peak, everyday discourses were saturated with stories of people in desperate situations: those wrestling at the fringe of unemployment; fresh graduates at the mercy of an economic recession; caregivers struggling to find alternative care arrangements when schools are shut. For many, the pandemic is an experience that has stretched limits and has put resilience to the test.

In this panel conversation, we gather individuals from different walks of life as we look back at the impacts of the pandemic and examine the ‘How’s to recovering and thriving post-COVID. As we hear and get encouraged by individual stories of resilience, we will discuss what “being resilient” entails, and how we can adopt and cultivate adaptive coping strategies to emerge better, and stronger.