The Shadow Of Childhood Trauma

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“What constitutes trauma and who gets to decide?”
“Is trauma synonymous with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?”
“How do I know if I had experienced/am experiencing clinical trauma?”

The word “trauma” and “PTSD” have gained internet popularity in recent years as people increasingly (and casually) use them to refer to general distressing events. Beyond its clinical definition, “trauma” now appears to have taken on new social meanings. While such a trend can increase awareness of trauma-in-general, its unintended trivialisation of clinical trauma may prevent individuals from realistically empathising with those struggling with it. In fact, adverse childhood experiences can take a significant toll on the mental and physical health of individuals – especially when they are not treated and intervened timely.

In this panel conversation, we will share about the various forms of trauma and how they are diagnosed clinically. We will examine the social construction of “trauma” (especially in today’s digital age) and understand its potential implications. The panel will also discuss the psychological and physical manifestations of clinical trauma, and how to reach out to those struggling with it.