Eva Nová

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A fallen movie star fights hard to stay sober and make amends with her estranged son, in this compassionate feature debut from Slovakian director Marko Skop.

Eva Nová (Emília Vásáryová) was once a widely recognized and respected actress, but she fell from the peak of her career into a downward spiral, drinking herself into a prolonged stupor without any consideration for those who loved and depended on her. Now, at the age of sixty-two, Eva wants a new life.

Directed By: Marko Škop
Country: France
Year: 2015
Runtime: 106 minutes
Language: French / Spanish
Rating: M18


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Addiction Recovery: A Journey Beyond The Individual

How much is enough to be considered an addiction? Is there a specific age or life phase when specific forms of addiction are more prone to develop?

In this panel conversation, we will learn about the effects of addiction – one which extends beyond the individual to their surrounding network. We will also learn to see addiction as a biological, psychological, and social disease that is complex in nature, which requires a multi-faceted and individualised approach. Our panellists will also share ways in which friends and families can more constructively support a person’s recovery journey.


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30th May 2021 (Sun) | Time 8.00pm^

^Live stream starts strictly at 8.00pm. A recorded version will be available by the end of recording day until 6 June (Sun), 11.59pm.




While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.

2018 Canada Shorts Film Festival Winner for Award of Excellence
2018 Dublin Independent Film Festival Winner for Best Drama
Scandavian International Film Festival Winner for Best Film


Children of Las Vegas


“People come to Vegas to blow off steam and then go. But I’m stuck here. When I see the city lights I think of all the parts they don’t shine on. I feel like I’m living there, in those parts. The shadows pull you under. There’s so much between me and the lights.”

Las Vegas is a much regarded city, a global celebrity for its glitter and splash, and its offer of fulfilling all your desires without any repercussions. But what happens to the people who have to grow up there?

Award-winning author Timothy O’Grady lived and taught in Las Vegas for two years, and in a class he was teaching, his students began to speak of what it was like to grow up in the world’s playground. They spoke of being robbed by their parents, routinely losing their homes and raising themselves while their parents pursued the addictions serviced by the city. There were overdoses, desert shoot-outs, suicides, all before high school was over.

Children of Las Vegas is a collection of ten of their stories, interspersed with short essays about the city by Timothy, and portraits by highly acclaimed photographer Steve Pyke.

There are horror stories in every city, but these things were not just happening in Las Vegas, but because of it.